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Rosemead Receives Maximum Accreditation from APA

May 8, 2013

Rosemead School of Psychology has been awarded seven years of accreditation, the maximum length of accreditation, from the American Psychological Association (APA), for the Ph.D. and Psy.D programs in clinical psychology. Rosemead's programs have been continuously accredited by APA since 1980.

"The benefit of accreditation for students is that it indicates that the program is of high quality and consistent with national professional standards of education and training," said Dr. Clark Campbell, Dean of Rosemead. "Attendance at an APA accredited program is increasingly important for securing high quality internships and post-doctoral residencies, and for licensure in psychology. Many employers require that job applicants graduate from APA accredited programs."

Professional accreditation is an extensive process that involves a self-study that reviews program goals, competencies, resources and outcomes, as well as a site visit that reviews the program and documents at the university. The accreditation process is a form of peer review by those who are unaffiliated with the program so that an objective evaluation can occur. The result of the review process is that the quality of the program is evaluated by a group of professionals who sit on the APA Commission on Accreditation, explained Dr. Clark.

According to the APA, "The [accrediting] Commission also expresses its appreciation for your personal commitment, and the corresponding support of your administration, to develop and maintain the best possible quality of graduate education and training in psychology.”

Rosemead School of Psychology, located at Biola University, offers the Ph.D. and Psy.D. in clinical psychology
in a supportive Christian environment which nurtures the whole person, including the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and professional lives of faculty, staff and students. Rosemead prepares students to serve Christ and society by helping individuals, families and organizations suffering from a multitude of personal, social, spiritual, and emotional challenges.

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