Program Accomplishments

2015-2016 Program Accomplishments:

Obtained APA Accreditation for the psychology doctoral internship at the Biola Counseling Center under the leadership of Dr. Michele Willingham.

Started the Certificate in Integrative Counseling (CIC) for Chinese licensed counselors living in China.  Hired Martha Chiu, PhD to be the Program Director for the CIC program.

Started the Mental Health and Missions Special Interest Group and had two meetings for students and faculty.  Under the leadership of Clark Campbell, PhD, Nancy Crawford, PsyD, and Hilary Son, MA.

Launched a new administrative structure designed to facilitate program development and to better meet the needs of students and faculty members in the current programs

Clark Campbell, PhD – Dean of Rosemead

Tammy Anderson, PhD – Dean of Administration

Dave Cimbora, PhD – Associate Dean of Doctoral Programs

Nancy Crawford, PsyD – Director of Clinical Training

Peter Hill, PhD – Continues as the UG Psychology Chair and the Director of Research

Multicultural case conferences under the leadership of Dr. Christina Lee-Kim

October, 2015:  Therapy case involving sexual and religious identity.

December, 2015:  EFT case involving ethnic/cultural dynamics

Feburary, 2016:  Couples therapy case involving attachment and ethnic/cultural dynamics

April, 2016:  Therapy case involving third culture identity.

Matriculated 21 new PhD and PsyD students

Matriculated 4 new doctoral interns

Approximate hours of all clinical service provided by Rosemead students in 2015 - 2016:

First Practicum = 6,600

Advanced Practicum (3rd, 4th, 5th) = 28,000

Internship = 38,000

Estimated direct service hours = 24,000

Total practicum and internship hours = 72,600

Therapists at various levels of training at Biola Counseling Center:

22 Licensed Therapists

4 Interns

8 TA Staff Therapists

29 Partial Practicum

21 Second Year Practicum

1,444 clients seen

Total client sessions = 12,603

65% Biola students, faculty, and staff

35% Community clients

Faculty members served in national, regional, and state positions

CA State Ethics Board

CA Psych. Assoc. Education & Training Div.

APA Commission on Accreditation

Journal editing positions (JPT, JPC)

NCSPP conference planning committee

CAPS academic/research track coordinator

Co-chair, Mental Health & Missions Conference

18 faculty members produced publications or made numerous professional presentations.

The faculty produced 27 peer reviewed publications this year.

Faculty members served in national, regional, and state positions

Co-leader Missionary Global Enrichment Sem.

Board members, Narramore Christian Found.

Advisory board of John Templeton Found.

Awards Com. For APA Div. 36

APA Div. 39 Psychoanalytic Scholars Program.

APA Div. 36 board member

Treasurer Elect for CPA Finance Com.

Six faculty members have external grants.

Liz Hall, PhD - CCCU Networking Grant for “Christian Meaning-Making, Suffering and the Flourishing Life.”  Includes Jamie Aten, Eric Silverman, and Jason McMartin. Council of Christian Colleges and Universities.

Clark Campbell, PhD - Development of the Certificate in Integrative Counseling for Chinese Christian Counselors. The Long Family Foundation and Biola University.

Peter Hill, PhD -

The Development, Validation, and Dissemination of Measures of Intellectual Humility. John Templeton Foundation

Project Amazing Grace: Understanding the Nature of Divine Grace. John Templeton Foundation

The Spiritual, Character, and Virtue Formation of Seminarians. John Templeton Foundation

Dave Wang, PhD - Wang, D. C., Hill, P. C., & Porter, S. L.  The spiritual, character, and virtue formation of seminarians. John Templeton Foundation.


Liz Hall, PhD – The Narramore Award for Excellence in the Integration of Theology and Psychology.  Presented at the CAPS Conference, 2016

Dave Cimbora, PhD – Provost Award of Excellence in University and Community Service.  Presented at the Biola Faculty Awards Ceremony, 2016


2014-2015 Program Accomplishments:

Started an internship program at BCC under the leadership of Dr. Michele Willingham

Hired Dr. Brady Goss as an intern supervisor

Invited the inaugural class of 4 interns to join in August 2014

Obtained APPIC recognition and membership

Started providing multicultural case conferences under the leadership of Dr. Christina Lee-Kim

Neuropsychological assessment case with an ethnic minority client

Family therapy case involving a father having an acquired disability

Therapy case with Hispanic adolescent

Therapy case involving sexual minority related issues

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