Isolated intellectual understandings of psychology and theology are highly overrated. Integrative efforts come alive when we recognize their eternal aspect and see our work and study as part of our God-ordained task of reconciling men to God, themselves, and others.

Bruce Narramore Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Rosemead School of Psychology and President, Narramore Christian Foundation

At Rosemead, you're not left on your own to figure out how to integrate your faith with your clinical practice. Rosemead provides students with a firm foundation of scripture and the great historic traditions of the Christian church. We believe that scripture provides the greatest insight into the human condition, which is why we include 31 units of theology courses and integration seminars into our interdisciplinary study. Currently, Rosemead offers more integration seminars than any school in the nation. These theology and integration classes taught by faculty with psychology and theology degrees will provide you with necessary cross-disciplinary teaching in both of these areas.

Relevant Research

Rosemead operates the Institute for Research on Psychology and Spirituality, which examines integration paradigms and how integration is applied in clinics, churches and graduate programs.

Scholarly Dialogue

For 40 years, the Journal of Psychology and Theology has been a leading source of research and scholarship on—as well as one of the few journals dedicated to—the integration of psychology and theology.

Integration-Focused Classes

These specialized classes—taught by Christian psychologists, philosophers, and theologians— are designed to enhance your understanding of how your faith and practice work together.

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