My time at Rosemead would not have been what it has if not for the community I have found here. The growth I have seen in myself and the ability to endure the stretching that has occurred along the journey has been tremendously impacted by the students, staff, and faculty I have come to know and lean on.

Chiyah Lawrence Current Student

Student life at Rosemead is characterized by a unique supportive community. Rigorous studies and the integration of theology and psychology are key components of Rosemead's program, but your personal spiritual growth is just as important. Rosemead students join a Christian university community, providing opportunities for fellowship, dialogue and worship—vital parts of the total developmental process. As a student at Rosemead, you'll experience:

Personal Guidance As You Acclimate

Incoming students are partnered with current students to address the transitional challenges of joining a new community.

A Christ-centered Learning Environment

Rosemead offers a distinct setting where all faculty, staff, and students are professing Christians.

Fellowship Opportunities

Rosemead offers a weekly chapel for students, staff, and faculty, along with other events and informal activities that are designed to enhance your spiritual formation. Spouses of Rosemead students meet regularly to foster friendship and offer support.

Focus on Personal Growth

One of the highest rated aspects of Rosemead's program by alumni is the requirement that students participate in their own didactic therapy experience. Other opportunities for growth are participation in either couples therapy, spiritual direction or group psychotherapy.

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